About Me

A self portrait for Patrick Engman's "about me" page


My name is Patrick. When I was a child I would spend hours looking at my family albums, scanning all of the details with my eyes as if to fact-check reality, or perhaps to further observe the human condition over a period of time when life was simple. This process played a huge role in my development and without these albums, life would have been very different. Photography today allows me to find meaning in the present while asking myself “why?” By looking at my own work over time, I began to realize certain states of mind associated with how I composed an image. This process of self-actualization has lead me down a path of living with intention, humility, sensitivity, and making space for mental health, especially now that I have been recently diagnosed with ADHD and depression. I believe my photographic approach will be a breath of fresh air because the human condition has many beautiful shades and not one artistic approach can be universally applied. One thing for sure is, we’re all still figuring out this thing called life and we might as well have photographic proof that we tried to live. The future may depend on these photos in order to grow, just like I did.

I began my photographic journey in late 2007 after being scouted off Flickr. I worked as a commercial and wedding photographer and I eventually became a studio owner for a short period of time. Around 2013, I began freelancing in Chicago, and in 2020, I decided to venture off to Lincoln, Nebraska with my chosen family where I can continue instilling my values of equality, representation and the pursuance of happiness. As my photography business gains momentum, I want to give back to underrepresented communities and families by providing my services at no cost. For many, photos are simply tokens for the content-machine, but for others, photographs can be the last remnants of their culture, their past lives, old flames, and of simpler times.

My photographic specialties consists of environmental portraits, professional headshots, weddings, branding, and events. You may notice that my photos have a certain depth and tonality to them. This is because of my usage of multi-mediums ranging from digital to medium format film. The pursuance of technical quality is no stranger to me and I thrive at delivering photographs that will stand the test of time. With that said, I have open availability and I cannot wait to take your photo!


Patrick Engman