About Me

A photo of Fine Art Photographer, Patrick Engman based in Lincoln, Nebraska

I’m Patrick Engman and I love tiny cups of coffee in sunlit rooms, a touch of music in the background, timelessness in between breaths of mountain air, a shade of green through leafy window sills and sleeping animals. These are some of the vignettes that bring me peace of mind.

When I was a child I would spend hours looking at family albums, scanning all of the details with my eyes as if to fact-check reality, or perhaps to unlock the mystery of what it was like to be human. This process played a huge role in my development and without these albums, life would have been very different. Photography today allows me to find meaning in the present while asking myself “why?” By looking at my own work over time, I began to realize certain states of mind associated with how I composed an image. This process of self-actualization has lead me down a path of living with intention, humility and making space for mental health. I think this approach will be a breath of fresh air for portraits as the human condition has many beautiful shades and not one artistic approach can be universally applied. One thing for sure is, we’re all still figuring out this thing called life and we might as well have photographic proof that we tried to live. The future may depend on these photos in order to grow, just like I did.

I began my photographic journey in late 2007 after being scouted off Flickr. I worked as a commercial and wedding photographer and I eventually became a studio owner for a short period of time. Around 2013, I began freelancing in Chicago. A recent shift in intention and overall focus has lead me to Lincoln, Nebraska and I hope to pursue the art of photography in a more deliberate manner with an emphasis on printmaking. If you see any photographs that you love, feel free to contact me for prints! I am also available for bookings following CDC guidelines. To view my portfolio, click here.

Patrick Engman Jr.