Fine Art Photographer in Lincoln NE

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A behind the scenes portrait of an actress on a film set used as a thumbnail for photography services.


My name is Patrick and I am a portrait photographer in Lincoln, NE. I like to think a great portrait speaks for itself and the human condition. I believe presenting our best self is important and valid, but very few portraits truly define us as human beings. I’ve taken it upon myself to discover the real and not simply the best. For more information or to book a shoot, please visit my Contact page or Instagram.

Photo of a young man speaking to an older woman at a job fair. Used for an events photographer thumbnail


In addition to portraiture, I’m also an event photographer in Lincoln NE & nearby cities. I gain a lot of inspiration from the masters of street photography and photojournalism. To me, there is nothing more exciting than the decisive moment. I have a tendency to be a wallflower and when I’m at events, I feel empowered and invisible, like a spy on a mission.

A professional head shot of a man against an out of focus background that highlights my abilities as a headshot photographer in Lincoln, NE.


Being a head shot photographer is one of many hats that I wear. I like to think my love language is usefulness and I take great pride in offering my photography as a tool for success. When it comes to elevating your business or profession, a great head shot can make or break first impressions. It also feels great to have a fresh look, post-pandemic! We can meet on-location or at my home-studio in Lincoln NE.

A product photograph of a custom made lamp in front of a boat harbor. A showcase of my abilities as a commercial photographer in Lincoln NE.


When it comes to product & branding photography services, I love taking your vision and integrating it with my own technical expertise. Together, we can present your product and brand in a way that feels authentic and accessible. No Instagram trends here! I want your products to stand out, not blend in! Allow me to be your product photographer in Lincoln NE & beyond.

A fine art photo of a smoking red barrel in front of moving children. Part of my personal projects as a photographer in Lincoln NE.

Personal Projects

Beyond my photography services, I spend a lot of my personal time documenting my fixations. My usual spots are in the depths of nature, a block away from home or along busy streets. In my work there tends to be a convergence regarding visual balance, isolation, and a sense of silence. I like to think I am on a personal journey of Zen when I find myself exploring with my camera in-tow. With no clear intention in mind, I allow myself to surrender to what compels me to press the shutter. I see photography as a discipline and the art as a form of seeing. When I am fully immersed in my craft, I am at peace with myself.