Existential: Digital

A woman in robes staying cool in the shade. An existential gallery. A child climbing over a fence An old man reading a newspaper at a cross walk. A man with a cowboy hat walking with his groceries. A disabled man drinking bear on the sidewalk. An amputee waiting for the bus Two strangers walking by, one of them wearing a shirt that says, "we're the guys" A man sitting on a stoop. Children riding their bikes on the sidewalk. A woman walking past the frame. A person sitting at a CTA bus stop with an advertisement behind them saying, "What do you want to be when you grow up..." People sitting outside of a hair salon. A man sitting in the CTA train redline. A photo of a watch repairman. A homeless man sitting in front of no loitering signs. Women waiting to cross the street. Onlookers and a cop looking in the same direction. A mother and son walk across the street. A disabled man walking past the frame. A group of children cross the street together. A man lost in thought. An older man walking into the frame. A family looking for directions. A man staring off while eating. A post independence day nap at a CTA bus stop. A woman riding the CTA redline train on her phone. A ice cream man. A young girl walking towards the camera at Lake Michigan. A couple watch people play in Lake Michigan Two young girls help each other carry a pale of water.