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Share the music - Dave Larocco - Patrick Engman

Share the music – Dave Larocco

Another portrait of Dave on polaroid A photo of Dave playing guitar against a Weeping Willow tree. A straight-on portrait of Dave Dave sitting adjacent to his guitar on a bench in the park Patrick Engman/Users/TokeMaster2000/Pictures/2013 Scans A low-profile portrait of Dave playing his guitar A right-justified portrait of Dave A portrait of Dave overlooking Lake Michigan

Meet Dave. He was one of the first people I met while looking for part-time work in Chicago. After a lucky streak, I managed to get a job at a coffee shop where Dave works. Beyond casual work talk, he and I both hit a note in our conversations when we talked about music. *Har har. I need to work on my puns…*

I, too am musically inclined and have been playing music for half of my life. It’s something I hold dear and also something that almost unconsciously exudes from my being. If I don’t play music, I begin to feel down and a bit scattered. Being able to relate the joy of musical expression with Dave has built a bridge of friendship between he and I which could have taken longer if we both didn’t share similar interests. (I’m an awkward person when it comes to making new friends.)

I eventually learned about his solo project. Personally, I find it extremely entertaining to find a passion and to build something official off of that. It’s almost like being a kid again and drawing plans for your next club house. He had brought up the topic of promotional photographs while we were working and right then, I got super pumped. Pretty much during our shifts, we chatted about ideas and I felt like I had a good handle on what needed to be done.

We met up a few days later and I decided to shoot only 1 roll of Kodak TMAX 400 and about 3 Polaroids. I know I’m harping on about film but I’m not going to lie… Every shot on that 12 frame roll was a keeper and differed from the previous exposure. Knowing that I had 12 tries to get it right, I became more in tune with my surroundings and compositions. After each shot, we’d discuss the next frame and go on from there. Not only did both of us contribute something to each exposure, we also enjoyed the experience. Dave told me he was having fun! I should mention that we were shooting on the beach next to Lake Michigan. It was about 42-48 degrees with quite a bit of wind. It just goes to show if you jump into a project that drives you not only with passion but with a shared interest and collaboration with someone else, it becomes much more dynamic and entertaining!

Out of impatience, I managed to develop, dry and scan the roll in one night. I’m pretty excited with the results and I can’t wait to try out new ideas with Dave and to see how far he gets with his project. From what I’ve heard live, he’s got some good potential!