Panama City, FL – Becky Martinez + Update!

Time for an update! Let’s see… So what am I up to? Absolutely nothing.

Alright, so I am up to something! I am slowly but surely updating my portfolio with photos that I want to create. My goal is to pursue photography in a way that I am passionate about. In turn, I will discover my niche’. Lately, I feel my greatest interest in photography is environmental portraits, street photography and fashion. At a very soon point, I’ll need to merge those subjects together and strengthen my focus. At the moment, my portfolio is a bit too broad so it’s making it somewhat difficult reaching out to clients hence, a massive portfolio overhaul on my end! The work you display is the work you will most likely receive.

Of course, this will all change in due time. I am very excited to pursue fulfilling work and to also focus on making fine art prints. After purchasing a Mamiya C330f and a BetterScanner variable height 120 film holder, I’m getting closer and closer to obtaining a consistent 120 film workflow. I can’t wait to implement this into my style and way of shooting. I’ve come to love film. It has soul. If I can get my paws on a darkroom kit, you better believe I’ll be using my bathroom in more ways than uhhh…..five?

Speaking of 120 film, I took several photos of Becky during our shoot. I’m waiting to fill half a roll before getting 4 rolls developed and then scanned by myself. I’ll periodically update each blog post with additional photos taken with my Mamiya. I’m freakin’ excited about this!

On another side note, I recently got a 2nd job at a Hotel. I work strictly night shifts from 11pm-7am. It’s not as bad as it appears and I’ve got a lot of free time to edit photos! The reason I picked up another job is that I want to have a consistent paycheck while I experiment and adjust my photography business. On top of that, I plan on moving to Chicago in the fall to pursue photography in a larger market and city. This, I am super excited about. I am also a bit nervous due to leaving my friends and family. I’ve never lived in such a large city!

I’ll leave the Chicago update on the back burner until I get closer to the move. For now, I’ll focus on updating my portfolio and fine-tuning my photographic style and interests.

I’m also in the process of fine-tuning my retouching skills. I’ve found that there are several different ways to dodge & burn and to incorporate frequency separation to retouch skin without damaging its texture. So that’s what I’m currently experimenting with. It’s super tedious but I’m pleased with the results. 🙂

Enough chatter, I’ll let’cha see for yourself!

Click on the images below if you want to click through a slideshow. 
Photo of Becky sitting on her ottoman. A photo of Becky sitting on her neighbor's stoop. A photo of Becky leaning over while sitting on her neighbor's stoop. A side profile of Becky with creamy colors. A B&W portrait of Becky without a smile A B&W portrait of Becky An editorial'esque photo of Becky in front of a bush. A fun portrait of Becky as she quickly flips her hair. A side profile of Becky as she looks away while playing with her hair.