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Hiatus + Modelin' Friends - Patrick Engman

Hiatus + Modelin’ Friends

A close-up portrait of Alister.

Dang. Looks like I dropped the ball…into an infinitely deep crevasse of distraction and rediscovery. No regrets, man

During the in-betweens of a part-time barista and a starving artist, I did a lot of pondering, researching and squinching. I was careful with my precious film supply and chemicals despite burning through 20+ rolls a month. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with incorporating film into my business yet because I wanted to ensure I could obtain consistent results on my own instead of sending them off to a lab. I believe I am at a point where I can trust my exposures and I am now getting more keepers with a calibrated Leica M3 and manual focusing. I am also feeling a bit more confident with my artistic “vision.”

I also lost interest in my web presence. (I am somewhat active on instagram @brotherly_dove) Social media rubs me the wrong way sometimes. It’s evolved into a competition for attention and exposure. It’s formulaic. I’ve played this game a few times and it’s not that fun! It requires you to shoot a certain way, edit a certain way and at times, submit photos that don’t necessarily represent who you are in order to obtain more re-blogs, likes and mentions. I suppose it helps pay the bills. I just don’t see the art in the craft when it’s done that way. I can’t imagine it changing the industry for the better.

But I digress! I’m still in the process of finding my voice photographically and artistically along with tackling my blog. How the hell do I create something that I’d see myself reading? I pictured you before but to be frank, I don’t know ya’ and if I did, why would I create a blog to cater towards your interests? Sass.

Rewind this blog post about 2 weeks. I’m at a friend’s house loading Kodak Porta 160, followed by Portra 400. My friend Hailey is doing makeup on additional friends as they congregate on this ceremonial day of beauty and other stuff. Below are several photos of my friends, Alister, Anderson, Dillon and Stephanie. I’ve come to realize no matter how much I balk at Portra’s price, I come to love the results every time. Fine grain, perf contrast and high resolution film. Skin looks great as well. Portra 160 is a bit cleaner but boasts more contrast.

Feast your eye holes!

P.S. Excuse the dirty scans 😉

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