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Austin Texas - Kevin Moraczewski - Patrick Engman

Austin Texas – Kevin Moraczewski

A Featured Image of Austin, Texas Skyline

Last month, a fellow super photographer and new friend, Kevin Moraczewski and I joined forces in Austin, Texas to photograph an amazing wedding. I’m still culling through the images but I’m very excited to get those posted here in a wee bit. Oh man, I’m excited. The lighting was delicious and so were the people.

I really had no preconceived notion of what Austin would be like so my impression was left open-ended. All I can say is, dang. Austin is cool. I enjoyed riding in the backseat, staring off and identifying the quirky independent businesses and their personalized branding. The outskirts of the city was easily navigable and I could hear the birds sing everywhere I went. It was nice. So, so nice.

The thing that really stood out to me was the people. It was a huge contrast to those in Panama City, Florida. Everyone I crossed paths with seemed genuinely interested in conversing with me with a huge smile on their faces. It felt great. I defaulted into a comfortable social state and enjoyed my experience spent with the natives. It’s so interesting how people can easily affect the way you feel, think and express yourself.

Speaking of nice people, Kevin and I stayed over at our newly obtained friend’s house, Matt and Alysa. Due to their schedules and the wedding, we didn’t get to hang out much with them but they too, were freakin’ awesome. Their pugs were great guests who enjoyed blessing us with stinky farts. Made for a fun time, I’d say!

Left without a car, an empty house and a big ole case of Lone Star beer, Kevin and I got a little weird. What’s the first thing two photographers do when they visit a new place? Cry. We sobbed together in a pitch only detectable by pugs. Afterwards, we took pictures of our only available subjects. Each other. It’s interesting being behind the camera because it’s a foreign feeling. We’re both experienced in posing and directing our subjects but when it comes to ourselves, it’s like doing math backwards.¬†I already suck at math.¬†

Without further ado, meet Kevin Moraczewski. A talented NYC based photographer and an overall cool dude! Oh yea, his wife Brenna is a pretty swell gal, too!

P.S. Click the images so you can scroll through a gallery if the images are larger than your screen.

Kevin framed in by circling leaves. A side profile photo of Kevin A low perspective photo of Kevin looking towards a branch Kevin gives a fun pose. A photo of Kevin looking down towards discarded food. A photo of Kevin behind an out of focus plant growing out of a wall. An environmental portrait of Kevin sitting on a stoop. An interesting mix of ambient and off-camera flash with Kevin. A photo of Kevin posing like a creep next to a record player. An ominous portrait of Kevin wearing a gas mask