A Weekend in Michigan

A portrait of my friend standing on a stump with a beer and an axe in Michigan.

I got the chance to hop on the jet ski of adventure over the weekend. The destination was somewhere in Michigan. Jet ski’s are totally irrelevant to this, btw. Don’t be thinkin’ crazy right now. I need you.

Sooooo, this is where I stayed…

I stayed in Michigan over the weekend
Across the road housed an extremely loud Donkey.

A barn in Michigan where I stayed

I stayed with these humans.

Mid-speech portrait of a friend.

Two friends in Michigan with a vegetable of some alien sort.The guts of an alien.

My roommate and new friend hang out in Michigan.

A picture of literally some tomatoes and a stump in Michigan. Wow.

A portrait of my friend standing on a stump with a beer and an axe in Michigan. The birth of an axe murderer. 

A double exposure polaroid taken in MichiganI tripped a double exposure due to almost stepping on a snake… 

A photo of myself being awkward in MichiganA picture of me taken by my roomie, Claire. Mid-blink master farmer. 

A fresh apple after the rain

A picture of my friend hanging out in a tree.We picked a ton of delicious morsels. Like brains from the brain forest. 

A somber portrait of my friend in Michigan. Another picture of my friend as he sits on a porch with some beer.

A ladder under the apple treeThe ground was covered in delicious apples. The tree itself was leaning over due to so many weighing it down. 

That pretty much sums up my adventure. I didn’t spend too much time outside due to the rain but it was a nice escape from the city. I’m in a particularly quiet neighborhood but nothing beats the silence of the countryside! I spent the majority of the weekend gorging myself on fresh grub and passing out here and there. While I was conscious, I watched my friends catch a couple of birds that were stuck in the fireplace and I also crept around taking pictures. Useless!

Peace outside.