About Me


Cups of coffee in sunlit rooms, a touch of music in the background, timelessness in between breaths of mountain air, a shade of green through leafy window sills, and sleeping dogs. These are some of the things that bring me peace of mind–A lifestyle of the little things that left their mark.

When I was a child I would spend hours looking at family albums, scanning all of the details with my eyes as if to fact-check reality, or perhaps to unlock the memories each photograph secretly withheld. This process played a huge role in my development and without these albums, life would have been very different!

Photography allows me to sustain the wonder I had as a child. To look through my viewfinder and capture the human condition as soon as it bears its face in all its glory is what I seek to achieve. The truth of the moment immortalized on film, scanned and printed on the finest of paper ready to be seen and imprinted within the minds of wondering eyes. It would be my honor to provide you my photographic services and prints that will withstand the test of time.

I primarily shoot with medium format film. I find the color reproduction, grain structure, larger field of view and depth to be wonderful and it makes me feel good.

Patrick Engman Jr